Face Detection Software for ASP.NET and PHP Developers

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Published: 17th March 2010
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Luxand is one of the pioneers of face detection software, offering developers the solutions they need for automatic face detection and cropping. With all the features you need, Luxand offers the solution to automate the process of capturing the image of a human face, saving you time and giving you the best results possible. FaceCrop SDK provides developers with single-call access to completely automated face detection, greatly speeding up and simplifying the process of face detection, cropping and resizing. These images can then be exported into a wide range of different formats.

It doesn't matter what size, resolution or format the image file is in. FaceCrop will still be able to produce the best quality image possible, automatically locating the image of a human face and saving the final result in the format that you require. This is ideal for creating passport-like photos from simple, everyday snapshots. Regardless of whether the photo is taken from a standard digital camera, an SLR camera, a mobile telephone or a webcam, FaceCrop can still be used to produce the results that you need. The program uses a single call operation that allows you to create the avatars in the format, size and aspect ratio you need making the process quick and easy, greatly decreasing the amount of time required over performing the task manually.

Face detection software offers the solution that developers need to create avatars for social networking sites and dating portals amongst others. Developers of such sites need a solution that can automate the process of creating passport-like images or thumbnails of the members of their services, creating professional-looking avatars of human faces. Using the FaceCrop SDK on your website will make your life as a web developer a great deal easier by automating the process of creating passport-like photos.

Regardless of the quality of the original image, FaceCrop also gives you the best quality avatars possible, producing professional-looking images. The process uses a series of advanced algorithms which allow the creation of passport-sized photos while still maintaining a high quality and legible image with full facial features easily visible. Custom aspect ratios are also supported and even if the face is on the edge of the original image and does not completely fill the rectangle of the output, the software will still produce a high quality image.

With support for multiple programming languages, developers can use FaceCrop SDK with C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C#, PHP and ASP.NET. The images created by the program can also be exported into another file or returned for additional processing in the form of an HBITMAP value. Command line support is also included allowing complete automation of the program's operations from a command line or a batch file. The solution will also work with Windows, Linux or MacOS, with support for both 32 bit and 64 bit setups.

To find out more, take a look at the product website at http://www.luxand.com/. Here you can also use an online demonstration version that will give you a better idea of how well the program works.

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